Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 Baseball trips rest of the season

I look forward to going to Oneonta for Williamsport vs. Oneonta
Durham vs. Syracuse
Maybe a Binghamton game to see Mejia.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Superbowl Time

This year's superbowl is strange to see the least. I'd never thought i'd see the cardinals in the superbowl ever. They are like the tampabay rays except the rays are going to have staying power for a long time. The cardinals are a flash in the pan and got lucky the usual teams didn't make the playoffs or got elminanted early such as the Cowboys, Giants, or Saints. My feeling about the superbowl is, that it will be a boring game IMO. The cardinals, i'm rooting for but if I'm a betting man and my gut is going to the steelers in an ugly game. My score pick is 27-17, but the Cardinals will get a garbage TD with the game over. Parker will win the MVP as he will yet again break a big one in the superbowl. Warner will struggle again against a 3-4 defense and have a repeat performance like he did in 2001 against the Pats. Oh well, what are going to say, spring training is just around the corner.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. I will be putting down my predictions for the Wild card weekend for the NFL Playoffs.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals in Arizona NBC 4:30 PM Saturday.

My thoughts on this match up is, can Atlanta slowdown Arizona's air attack. If Atlanta can do that they can win this game by more than 10 points. Can Michael Turner continue to run wild as he approaches 400 carries on the season and can Matt Ryan hit a couple of deep passes to Roddy White and Harry Douglas. My opinion of this game is, that Atlanta will prove how weak the NFC west was and how good of a division the NFC south was this year. I think Turner can get 120 Yards and a TD, while Matt Ryan throws for 230 Yards and 2 TD's and 1 INT. Kurt Warner will attempt to keep this game close by throwing for close to 400 yards and 2 scores. However, Atlanta wins the game 27-17.

Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers in San Diego NBC 8:00 PM Saturday.

My thoughts about this match up is, can Indy slow down Philip Rivers as he has been on fire the last 5 weeks of the season. Can the Chargers get to Manning as they have in the past or will Manning pick them apart. If the Colts can slowdown Rivers just a little bit and control Darren Sproles, then they have a great chance to win. Personally I think the Colts will be just a bit too much for the 8-8 Chargers and win in a shootout type of game. I see this game being Indy 38, San Diego 31.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins in Miami CBS 1:00 PM Sunday

Can the 2008 Dolphins who went 1-15 last year and claimed their only win over Baltimore upset Baltimore again. I don't think it will happen, but they have a shot. If Joe Flacco falters, this will be a very low scoring game. I don't think Miami can score more than 13 points on the vaulted Baltimore defense. However, my prediction is that Flacco will have a solid game, not allowing Miami to stay in the game from costly turnovers. Chad Pennington will be hurting after this game as Baltimore will get to him at least 4 or 5 times in this game. My predictions is Baltimore 24, Miami 10.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis FOX 4:30 PM Sunday

Can the Eagles continue their hot streak or get beat by one of their fomer cordinators in Brad Childress. The biggest question of this game is, can Taveras Jackson be able to perform with the eagles sending their blitz packages. If Jackson can, Minnesota can win this game. If not, this game will be a blowout. I think that Jackson will struggle and play poorly in the 1st half of the game. Gus Ferotte will be in the game in the second half while Jackson gets benched. Donovan McNabb will have a strong game as his offensive line controls Jered Allen and the Williamsons. Brian Westbrook will have a solid game of 80 yards rushing, five or six catches, and a couple of TD's. DeSean Jackson will beat someone deep for a score, while this game becomes a rout. My prediction of this game, Eagles 41, Vikings 10.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sleeper Pitching Prospects for 2009

Here are some sleeper pitching prospects in 2009.

1) Nick Barnese: He already is ranked above Jeremy Hellickson and could be their #2 prospect entering 2010. He throws in the low 90's with great movement. He also throws a solid sluve and changeup. If Barnese can continue the success that he had in the NYPA league and develope that sluve into a curveball and Improve with his changeup. He could rise into the top 20 prospect range.

2) Jason Knapp: He already throws in the high 90's, but needs some work on his other pitcher. He is very young(will pitch at 18 almost all year). If he developes his other pitches. I see no reason why he couldn't be at least another Lidge or even a #1 starter.

3) Dillion Gee: Keep an eye on this kid. He will be in AA in 2009 and could end up being better than Niese and Holt who are currently ranked above him. Throws in the low 90's and has a strong changeup. Give him some time and he could become another James Shields who is a very solid pitcher.

4) Omar Poveda: He is lost among all the great prospects in Texas but could rise significantly next year if he can stay healthy all year. He throws now reportedly up to the mid 90's and has a very good changeup. If he refines everything, he could become another Volquez.

5) Trey Haley: Didn't pitch much in 2008 but has great potential. 18 years old until June and likely to pitch in the NYPA in 2009. He could make a Nick Barnese impact in the league but has even more upside than Barnese and possibly Knapp. Throws a moving fastball 90-95, a plus curveball, and an average changeup that has the potential to be much more than that. He already is being compared to Clay Buchholz and that's great praise considering Buchholz was a top 5 prospect in 2008.

Top 5 Prospects of Atlanta Braves

My first entry of my blog is the top 5 prospect list of my team the Atlanta Braves. The Braves have missed the playoffs for the last couple of seasons due to injuries and a lack of impact call ups. The Braves made an effort to create stability in their rotation by trading for Javier Vazquez. Vazquez could be a good middle of the rotation starter for the Braves in 2009, but he is not an ace caliber pitcher. While the 2009 Braves could be a 4th place team, there is a lot of talent in the minor leagues for the Braves to make a run for the division by 2011.

Atlanta Braves Top 5 Prospects for 2009:

1) Jason Heyward 19 Years Old Right Fielder: Heyward can do most baseball skills with ease and that's why he is also in my top 5 in terms of overall prospects. Heyward hit over .315 this season in Rome and Myrtle Beach. He can draw walks, doesn't strike out alot, and has a great arm in right. Right now the only thing Heyward has to refine is in game power which is good but not elite yet. My prediction for 2009 is that Heyward starts to show great game changing power in games. Heyward has a year of .300 hitting with over 20 homeruns while making it to AAA at the end of the season as a 19 year old.

2) Tommy Hanson 22 Years Old Right Hand Pitcher: Tommy Hanson had one of the best Arizona league performances in recent memory. He dominanted a hitters league and looks like a possible future ace. However, I wouldn't give him that lable yet. Hanson throws a great curveball, a good changeup, and recently added a solid slider. His fastball can hit the mid 90's and throws it in the 92-93 range. He also has a two seamer that runs in the high 80's. However, during the season he walked a fair share of hitters and allows a lot of flyballs, which could give him trouble in the majors. To me, if he hits his ceiling he is Chris Carpenter without the arm troubles. If he continues to have issues with flyballs and walks, he could be something like Aaron Harang.

3) Freddie Freeman 19 Years Old First Baseman: Freddie Freeman continues to get overlooked, while Jason Heyward gets all the praise. Freeman actually showed more power in Rome this past season than Heyward, but that's where Freeman's advantage over Heyward ends. Freeman does show potential 30-40 Homerun Power along with a solid average. Freeman is also a solid fielder, though he won't win any gold gloves he isn't Ryan Howard there. The skills Freeman needs to work on in 2009 is drawing more walks and hitting left handers. For 2009, I see some struggles for Freeman in Myrtle Beach, which kills power hitter. However, Freeman will improve some skills next year which will help him in the long run.

4) Jordan Schafer 22 Years Old Center Fielder: Jordan Schafer will have to deal with getting suspended for 50 games the rest of his career. However, it may help prove to people that HGH doesn't help people play the game better. We actually don't know that Schafer ever used HGH. Schafer returned to AA mid way through the season and struggled early making doubters of him. However, in August and September, Schafer caught fire and showed that his season from 2007 wasn't a fluke. Schafer plays a wonderful centerfield with the potential to win 5-8 gold gloves in his career. Schafer also runs well and may indeed steal 15-20 bags a season, but he needs to work on controlling the strikezone. Schafer this year did indeed draw a good amount of walks, but he also struck out once a game. The Braves have an opening in Centerfield but they probably will have Schafer get 200+ AB's in AAA or AA to start the season.

5) Brett DeVall 18 Years Old Left Handed Pitcher: This maybe a surprise to many, but this kid has a lot of upside and could be a #2 or if he developes a plus plus changeup a #1. The Braves drafted him out of high school in 2008 and even got a little bit of work in GCL action, allowing one run in 9.2 IP. DeVall can throw his fastball in the high 80's to low 90's right now but being 6'3 he may have some more velocity in him. DeVall also throws a plus changeup, perhapes the best in the system. DeVall also throws a breaking ball but it's an average at best pitch right now. If DeVall can spin a solid breaking ball and develope his changeup even better, he may indeed become a bigger Cole Hamels one day.